Our vision is to establish a sustainable system when reusing worn and broken sails to produce quality, environmentally friendly and functional bags.

Environmental awareness

Nauta wants to participate in the environmental crisis and give the chance to our customers to join us, thus reducing the waste of resources. Our bags are made of 100% recycled sail which would otherwise be thrown away without a recycling plan.

Perfect Design

The design results from elaborate discussions with designers and customers to produce the perfect Nauta Bag while considering environmental effects.



The design considers the environment. Today the environment should be valued highly to mitigate the global climate change footprint by humans. Help the world get more environmentally friendly and join the Nauta family today.

Wilmer Bergner, CEO


What We Offer

The complete production to delivery line brought to you by the Nauta Team.


The customer can choose to either pickup the Nauta Bag at one of our affiliated stores or to have direct delivery home.

Nauta Bag

The Nauta Bag created from Swedish broken sails in order to restore an environmental and useful purpose.


Nauta offers a 14 day return right along with a 6 months return policy if the bag does not meet the wear requirement.

25 +

Years of Experience

1,250 +

Projects Completed

45 +

Awwards Winning

4 +

Young and Driving Team


Our Pricing


Fast Service

Design and Build

24/7 Support

Delivery by Nauta Staff


Included VAT


3-5 Days

Design and Build

24/7 Support

Delivery by Nauta Staff


Included VAT


Our collaboration partners

We are proud to present our affilated cooperative parterns which support and provides the essentials for the Nauta Bag and Nauta Team.

59°24’09”N 18°04’56”E

Created from Swedish Sails within Sweden.